Tampa Senior Care Computers

Our Introductory Package Rate

Our Package Rates represent an exceptional value for those that are truly new to the computer tech world and need significant assistance.  Our packages include.

  • 3 Session Package…$99.95
  • 6 Session Package…$189.95
  • 10 Session Package …$289.95

We specialize in providing private training to our elderly. and often unable to travel to group classes.

The Fastest Segment of Computer Users

Adults over the age of 65 are the fastest growing segment of computer users. Due to this increased demand, effective training programs are essential.   Yet the widely-held belief that many seniors cannot learn modern technologies turns out to be false. The evidence shows that older adults readily adopt and learn new mainstream technologies when a device or service is demonstrated to have immediate relevance to a senior’s life goals.

Classes and Lessons

In the modern world, it isn’t easy to get anywhere without knowing how to work with a computer. Almost everything we do involves working with computers at some point. From banking to vocational training and membership in clubs and organizations, nearly every aspect of life is computerized.

Private Lesson

While we offered group lessons to seniors, we have found that one-on-one training is by far the best training experience. We work around your schedule and plan lessons that will build upon your capabilities. You'll be amazed how quickly you'll be proficient in now time.

Contact Us

Contact us to schedule a "getting to know you" complimentary training session. You'll simply be amazed what you'll learn just in this session.

What You'll Learn

  • Windows 11 Basics
  • Files and Organization
  • Email and Advanced Email
  • Upload / Download Basics
  • Photos and Photography
  • Learn Online Banking
  • Master Online Bill Paying
  • Download Government Forms
  • Google Search Training

What You'll Learn

  • Safe Online Ordering
  • Travel / Reservations Booking
  • Listen to Audio Books
  • Find Recipes
  • Kindle Training
  • Develop New Hobbies
  • Social Media Setup / Training
  • Attend Online Classes
  • Search Genealog

Private Lessons

  • Appointments at the your convenience and on your schedule
  • Learning in the comfort of the your own residence
  • Learn the material quicker and with greater explanation
  • Stop and start when when you like
  • Invite friends to join in
  • Pick and choose the material you would like to learn first

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